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Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Noch 2 mal schlaafen:)!

Ungarn, ich koooooomme:) 

Listen.. I kinda knew it the first time i wrote you. You are kinda the right? I know you over one year already and I've never felt the way to someone else like I feel for you. I know it sounds.. kinda weird but it's true. You are like my best friend. The brother I've never had.. I can laugh about everything with you, and I can always talk with you about anything. You've been always helping me out for every single situation. I'm so grateful for you. Listen.. I like you.. like a lot. It's like we both know what we feel to each other, but there's a biiiig thing. Distance.
We are supposed to be together. Why is distance always messin' up everything.

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